We can provide a range of training, evaluation, analysis and communication services in a diversity of areas. We have experience in many fields and particular expertise in international development, gender, climate change, fraud, corruption, sustainability, and human rights.

Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Assessment Services

We design, conduct and assess the following:
  • program and project evaluations for international public and non-governmental organizations
  • self-assessments and self-evaluation systems
  • monitoring and evaluation systems and processes
In addition, we conduct
  • assessments of financial systems and forensic accounting
  • evaluation quality assessments for international organizations
  • fraud and white-collar crime investigation

Training and Advisory Services

We conduct short-courses and seminars, develop training materials and provide advice for the following:
  • results-based management of development initiatives at national and international levels
  • project design and appraisal in U.N. system organizations
  • monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects
  • incorporation of gender dimensions and community participation in project design, monitoring and evaluation
  • use of information technology for management and advocacy
  • use of innovative practices in management of international organizations
  • fraud risk evaluation
  • corruption prevention policies and management

Communication, Information and Education Services

We provide backgrounders, contextual material and expert commentary for:
  • development in the economic and social sectors of the U.N. system
  • human rights standards and their applicability, especially the rights of persons with disabilities
  • new norms, standards and regulations in historical context
  • management of the international public sector

Policy Analysis Services

We analyze international issues for:
  • role and growth of the international public sector
  • role of the Internet and Internet governance
  • gender dimensions of development
  • results-based management including strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation
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