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Review of the Management & Accountability System

United Nations Development Group (UNDG)

Service: Evaluation (Organizational Systems Review)

Year: 2010-11

AIMS was contracted to assess the extent to which both the outcomes and the outputs agreed in the Implementation Plan of the Management and Accountability (M&A) System of UNDG had been achieved by all the stakeholders and proposed recommendations to accelerate progress in implementation. A key component was a review of the Resident Coordinator system and the effectiveness of the firewall that had been put in place to ensure the independence of the Resident Coordinator position. The scope included field visits (to 12 countries) to conduct interviews from senior management and staff at the headquarters, regional and country offices of 20 UN agencies; reviewing 3 years of Resident Coordinator annual reports (603), and an extensive on-line survey. It total, 300 stakeholders were consulted during the evaluation process.

UNDG is a consortium of UN agencies created in 1997 to improve the effectiveness of UN development activities at the country level as part of UN reform efforts. The initial M&A System was agreed to in 2008 and this evaluation was the first comprehensive review.

AIMS Associates: John Mathiason, Rick Williams, Dorota Gierycz, Punit Arora, Ann Sutherland