These are examples of the recent projects AIMS has undertaken.


Client: Humanity & Inclusion / Handicap International
Service: Project Evaluation
Countries/Region: Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Years: 2019
AIMS conducted a multi-country mid-term review of a disability inclusion and inclusive education project for children (0-12) in refugee camps and displacement settings.
Multi-country Mid-term Review of POWER 

Client: ActionAid International
Service: Project Evaluation
Countries/Region: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana and Rwanda
Years: 2018-19
AIMS evaluated ActionAid’s women’s economic empowerment project operating in Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Pakistan by federation offices with administrative and advisory support from ActionAid UK and the global secretariat.

Training Services in Results-based Management and Planning

Client: Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) – Research Cooperation Program
Service: Strategic Planning and Evaluation – Framework Agreement
Countries/Region: Global
Years: 2008 – 2015 and 2016 - present
AIMS is on its 4th framework agreement to provide training and advisory services in results-based planning, management and evaluation for Sida’s Research Partners. The primary objective is to help partners’ incorporate RBM as a management strategy that focuses on performance and the achievement of results. AIMS has conducted over 100 missions to more than 30 countries.

  Evaluation Quality Assurance

Client: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Service: EQA – Framework Agreement
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2013 – present
AIMS is contracted to provide evaluation quality control services for all evaluations commissioned by UNFPA.

  Final Evaluation of WORTH

Client: PACT-Myanmar
Service: Program Evaluation
Countries/Region: Myanmar
Year: 2017-18
AIMS evaluated PACT’s women’s economic empowerment program.

  Institutional Evaluation of the ILO Field Structure

Client: International Labour Organizations (IL0)
Service: Evaluation
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2017
AIMS conducted a high-level evaluation of the ‘fit-for-purpose’ of the agency’s field structure which includes 5 regional offices, 40 country offices and over 600 programs in more than 100 countries. 

  Review of Evaluation Quality Assurance

Client: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Service: Meta-evaluation
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
AIMS has been contracted to independently assess all agency published evaluation reports from 2014. The scope of work also extends to revising UNODC’s EQA template and developing recommendations for improving evaluation processes.

  Impact Assessment of Improving and Scaling Up the System of Rice Intensification in West Africa

Client:  SRI International Network and Resources Center, Cornell University and Mali Institut d’Économie Rurale (IER)
Service:  Evaluation
Countries/Region:  Benin, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Togo
Year: 2016
AIMS undertook an impact study of a project of the West African Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP), a multi-year regional effort to boost agricultural productivity across the region.

  External Assessment of UNICEF’s Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System

Client: UNICEF Evaluation Office
Service: External Review
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2015
AIMS undertook an assessment to generate evidence to inform improvements to the overall evaluation report quality assurance and feedback system at UNICEF.

  Independent Review of Performance Measurement System

Client: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
Service:   External Review
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2015
AIMS undertook a review of the performance measurement system of the OSCE in order to improve its implementation to the satisfaction of its Member States.

  Mid-term Evaluation of T2 Security Program: Integrated Threat Response

Client: Rights Action Lab)
Service:   Evaluation
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2015
AIMS assessed progress of this US Department of State project to assist people in highly restrictive environments to safely communicate and protect themselves from digital surveillance and attacks.

  Review of Sida’s Research Cooperation Strategy

Client: Sida – Research Cooperation Program
Service: Evaluation
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2013
AIMS was contracted to determine the extent to which Sida’s Research Cooperation Programme has obtained its expected results over the period 2006-2013. 

  Combatting the Food Shortages and Strengthening the Resilience of Populations in the Sahel: Lessons Learned from the 2012 Crisis

Client: OXFAM-GB
Service: Research
Countries/Region: Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger
Year: 2013
AIMS and consortium partners CERDES and A&B Consulting undertook a study to analyze the links between vulnerability to food crisis in the Sahel and existing inequalities in access, management and ownership of tangible resources by men and women.

  Mid-term Evaluation of the 10-Year Strategy

Client: United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
Service: Evaluation
Countries/Region: Global
Year: 2012
AIMS Associates developed the findings, draft conclusions and recommendations to enable an Intersessional Working Group of the UNCCD to adopt recommendations.

  Monitoring & Evaluations Systems Development and Mid-term Evaluation

Client: Architecture for Humanity
Service: Monitoring and Evaluation
Countries/Region: Haiti
Year: 2011-12
The AIMS team developed a monitoring and evaluation plan to track and assess the impact of the AFH-Haiti program to increase the prevalence of safe structures, increase the competitiveness of the local design and construction sector, and support the reconstruction of small and micro-enterprises.

  Evaluation of Global Programme Against Money Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism

Client: United Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Service: Evaluation (Organizational Systems Review)
Year: 2011-12
AIMS conducted an independent in-depth evaluation to assess the success of Global Programme Against Money Laundering (GPML) in achieving its stated outcomes and impacts in countries of operation, and its structural framework.

  Review of the Management & Accountability System

Client: United Nations Development Group (UNDG)
Service: Evaluation (Organizational Systems Review)
Year: 2010-11
AIMS was contracted to assess the extent to which both the outcomes and the outputs agreed in the Implementation Plan of the Management and Accountability (M&A) System of UNDG had been achieved by all the stakeholders and proposed recommendations to accelerate progress in implementation. 

  Independent External Evaluation of the International Labour Organization’s Evaluation Function

Client: United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO)
Service: Meta-evaluation
Year: 2010
AIMS examined the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the existing processes, system and structures of the ILO’s evaluation function; reviewed and identified ways of improving the ILO’s evaluation capacity and performance in light of international best practices.